The Jung-Lehder relationship (before it turned sour) led George to Pablo Escobar, the notorious Medellin (scroll down 70%) "drug lord" who was in need of an American contact. At the height of his power, Escobar was one of the richest men in the world. His money came from the cocaine trade.

George, the former high school football star from Weymouth, Massachusetts, became the Medellin Cartel’s American contact. Along the way, he also became the star of the illegal American drug trade, importing about 85% of the cocaine Americans consumed in the late 70s and 80s.

By the time he ended up in Otisville federal prison, where he is today, George made (and lost) about $100 million in the cocaine trade.

By the time Carlos ended up in prison (his current whereabouts are apparently a government secret), he had successfully dropped his cocaine bomb on America.

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Carlos Lehder to George Jung
Danbury Prison

It was a fateful meeting that would lead to dire consequences for many people. George Jung, doing time for smuggling marijuana, met Carlos Lehder,* doing time for smuggling cars across the US/Canadian border.

Within a few years of their discharge from Danbury Correctional Facility, Jung and his cell mate Lehder (who was also serving time for marijuana possession) found a way to do business together. Carlos had a plan: To flood America with cocaine which would destroy the political and moral structure of the United States.

As Carlos liked to say (scroll down 60%): Cocaine was the atomic bomb, and he was going to drop it on America.

When he met Carlos at the Danbury prison, George knew nothing about cocaine. It didn’t take him long to learn he could make a lot of money smuggling it, however. Carlos painted a very convincing picture. And he had a very elaborate plan that included a base of operations in the Bahamas - on Norman's Cay.

Although they worked together for awhile, Carlos really didn’t want to share his growing wealth and power. In an act that eventually cost him their friendship, Carlos cut his Danbury cell mate out of his Norman's Cay base.

George, with other pilots he hired, continued to fly Colombian "coke" into the States. Bruce Porter describes the operation in his New York Times "Notable Book" Blow:

Hank did six trips for George in rapid succession, carrying three hundred kilos each time, for a total of nearly two tons. George charged the Colombians the usual $10,000 a kilo, split it down the middle with Hank, and in about four months they were each better off by some $9 million. (Blow, page 205)
Before long George had so much money he ran out of places to store it all. He bought a house that served as his "bank." But something else happened after George met cocaine. As he told Frontline’s reporter:

*In the movie "Blow," Diego Delgado is the Carlos Lehder character.